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We specialize in the design and manufacture of cutting edge technical furniture solutions.

We have been at the forefront of our industry putting to work over 30 years of custom woodworking experience to meet the needs of our customers in the education, corporate and government markets.

We are experts in custom design and can produce 3D designs and AutoCAD drawings prior to production.

Our lecterns are manufactured in-house using the most advanced plant and equipment in modern joinery production, complete with fully automated computerised cutting and machinery.

Our lecterns

We provide podium lecterns for churches, schools and conference centres to fully functional, multimedia lecterns for audio visual companies and educational institutions.

We can easily configure any lectern to your specific needs. Adding your brand, special requests, options and accessories is no hassle.

Our clients appreciate our flexibilty in working with their custom requests and the supreme functionality our lecterns offer, including 360° acessiblity to equipment for easy installation.

Choose from one of our models or let us design a solution for you.

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Integrate AV equipment

Securely storing your audio-visual equipment has never been easier. With our range of lecterns, you can select the model that meets your rack (RUs) storage requirements.

For the audio visual technician, there is 360° accessibility to equipment in the top rail racks, plus our removable panels, knockouts in the base and optional benchtop cut outs means installation has never been easier. Learn more >

Adjust the height

Electronic height adjustment is standard on all lecterns. With a push of a button, electronically raise or lower a lectern's height to suit presenters of various heights.

Our wheelchair accessible lecterns also offer generous space to manoeuvre a wheelchair into the ideal position and can also be used in a standing position. Learn more >

Add options

What sets us apart is our ability to work with our clients and their custom requests. Select from a range of options to enhance such aspects as storage, security, portability, functionality and aesthetics.

You can easily add slide out trays, additional input panels, bench top power switches, touch panel mounting blocks, document cable covers, castor wheels and bench top cutouts. Learn more >

Add accessories

We supply shock mounted microphones, reading lights, document holders, input panels and whatever else you need for your lectern.

Our award-winning monitor arms offer smooth, dynamic movement and unique head design for unrivalled degree of flexibility. Be it single or dual screen, or newer technologies such as tablets, our monitor arms provide an unrivalled ergonomic solution. Learn more >

Add branding

Enhance your professional appearance by selecting custom colours and finish for your lectern.

Add your university, school or company logo to the modesty panel via print or 3D laser cut methods.

Go one step further and select the built-in colour LED display. The free progamming software enables you to change the background image, create slideshows, scrolling text or video playback for the ultimate multimedia experience. Branding solutions >

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